Shiro Reflexology – (Pada)

Treatment Info

Time 50 Minute Treatment
Price $115

Treatment Detail

Shiro Reflexology | Pada

Shiro Reflexology – (Pada), although very similar and commonly confused for Pada (Foot Reflexology), Shiro Reflexology has an extra component. During this Shirodhara, a stream of oil is flowing over your feet and healing is focused around massaging the feet and the lower leg.

Each section of the foot represents a part of the body. The left foot represents the left part of the body and the right foot represents the right part. The waistline of the body starts from half way down from each foot. The organs of the upper part of the body have their reflex in the upper half of the foot.

This treatment benefits sore, tired feet, cracked heels, and promotes overall wellness and balance.

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