5 Things You Need To Know Before Your Massage

Whether you schedule massage sessions regularly or you’re new to the #SelfCare community, there are a handful of things many do not know before receiving professional massage therapy. Yes, we all know that taking a shower beforehand and being on time is critical, but these tips below will allow you to enjoy your massage at Mahima Center fully.

It’s not supposed to hurt.

We’ve all heard the saying that pain is pleasure or beauty is pain, but it’s not always ideal. During your massage, you may feel slight discomfort when a tight muscle is being worked on or during a stretch, but in all, it shouldn’t hurt. If too much force is exerted on a muscle, it may tighten up more. The result is even more pain and making your massage now unbearable. It’s important to let your massage therapist know if something hurts, you need less pressure or of any pre-existing conditions you have before your massage.


Get naked, but…

Ideally, you’d like to undress for your massage. We can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be massaged with all of your clothes on. The fewer clothes, the more relaxing the massage, but keep your therapist’s comfort levels in mind. Not everyone is comfortable with nudity. Your therapist is a trained professional and undressing completely will give you a better experience, but it doesn’t mean your therapist wants to see what’s between your legs.


During your massage, you will be covered with sheets where needed. Your therapist will drape your body in personal areas to keep you from feeling exposed and uncomfortable while they are working on other parts of your body. Depending on the type of massage you’re getting, your therapist will adjust your sheets to provide the ultimate professional massage therapy session.


Asking for more or less pressure is okay.

Like we’ve stated before, your massage is not supposed to hurt. Massages are meant to be relaxing, sending you to a place of oasis and pleasure promoting relief. If your massage therapist is proving too much pressure, it’s okay to speak up. At Mahima Center, we want your massage to be as relaxing as possible.


Your massage therapist is more than happy to take requests during your session. Your request for more or less pressure is warranted. They will not take offense and, if you tell them beforehand what you like and don’t like, it will create a better experience for both of you.


Don’t forget to breathe

While your massage therapist may be hitting all of the spots, removing knots that have been there for ages, we tend to hold our breath. It’s involuntary, so we’re not judging, but it’s helpful to take deep breaths during your session. When your therapist is working out a knot, it helps keep the blood flowing in the area. It’s important to oxygenate the blood supply as it helps aid tense muscles.


If you feel any discomfort during a massage, breathe deeply and fully. Slow and deep breathing has been proven to ease the pain even though we doubt you will experience much during a massage at Mahima Center.


Drink water after your session.

While staying hydrated is essential regardless, it’s especially important after your massage. Much like a workout, your muscles become dehydrated. It is best to replenish all that is lost during your massage by drinking more water. When your muscles are tight, or you have a knot, the cause may constrict circulation in those areas. If you’re dehydrated as well, this inhibits the body’s ability to flush out toxins and waste. Drinking water after your massage also allows the kidneys to remove any new waste.

In all, our team stands by providing professional massage therapy to all of our clients. If you’re looking to enjoy a “me” day or follow up on a routine massage session, use these tips to ensure a quality massage. Give us a call at (305) 596-0858 to schedule a session.

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