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Cleanse vs. Detox: What’s the Difference?

From green juices chock-full of vegetables to herbal cleanse pills, to detoxifying tea blends that Instagram models swear by, the topic of natural waste removal is controversial in its very essence. With so much information readily available on the Internet, and with so many clashing opinions on social media platforms, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. What even is a detox? How is it different from a cleanse? Does my body even need a more “natural” way to remove waste? All of these questions can run through our minds when we’re bombarded with different perspectives on how to keep our bodies clean. Although answering these questions seem complicated because a detox can sound identical to a cleanse, learning the difference between the two can be simple as long as we remember a few basic distinctions.

Just the Basics, Please

When comparing a detox to a cleanse, it’s clear to see that the two are incredibly similar to one another. Both processes aim to improve one’s health in a broader sense, and both are types of diets that can include pills, juices, teas, and foods that all contain certain chemicals and nutrients. Some dietary products are even advertised as ones that detoxify and cleanse at the same time, so how aren’t these two processes essentially the same? While detoxes and cleanses both have specific purposes and uses depending on what area of your body you want to target, these areas are different for both of these natural waste removal processes. With that being said, a detox is intended to remove toxins from your kidney and liver, while a cleanse is intended to improve the functions of your digestive tract. However, the issue of whether or not detoxes and cleanses even work is heavily debated.

Natural Waste Removal

As you’ve probably seen on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, the hordes of personal stories on detoxes and cleanses are hard to miss. It only takes seconds to find a multitude of videos and pictures from beauty vloggers and fitness gurus sharing their journeys about how they have tried detoxes and cleanses, and how they either completely loved it or completely hated it. You can even find videos from doctors, physicians, and nutritionists sharing their thoughts on the world, often adding their credentials to show that they know what they’re talking about. Nevertheless, such a variety of opinions can seem intimidating rather than helpful, so here are the fundamental pros and cons of these natural waste removal processes:


  • Detoxes and cleanses can help you have better-eating habits by making you eat less, thus lowering your calorie intake
  • Diets and juices usually incorporate plenty of vegetables, giving your body nutrients
  • The cleanse or detox might leave you feeling energized instead of groggy like you would when eating unhealthy foods
  • There’s a potential for weight loss and a decrease in bloating
  • Cleanses can help you with constipation as it intends to increase nutrient absorption in your digestive tract
  • Detoxes can naturally improve the functions of your kidney and liver by making them more efficient at removing waste and toxins from the body like air pollutants, pesticides found on vegetables, harmful ingredients from overly processed foods, etc.


  • Your body’s digestive system detoxes and cleanses itself from waste and toxins anyway, so doing a detox and cleanse on top of that can do more harm than good
  • Dietary products for these natural waste removal processes can be expensive
  • There is no real, conclusive evidence that shows detoxes and cleanses actually work
  • Weight loss on these diets may be caused by the low calorie intake in these types of diets, not by the actual detoxes and cleanses themselves. In the long run, this doesn’t provide lasting weight loss
  • Several companies selling detox and cleanse products were investigated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and by the Federal Trade Commission, and the products contained illegal ingredients and chemicals that could possibly be harmful. Therefore, the safety of other companies’ products is virtually unknown. These detoxes and cleanses might not be such “natural” waste removal processes after all.

Should I Do a Detox or a Cleanse?

However debatable the topic at hand is, the issue of whether a detox or a cleanse is better for your body is ultimately up for you to decide. If you’re still feeling aversive to those slimy, mossy-colored smoothies, or wary of those teas that promise they’re the antidote to weight loss, you’re not alone. Since every person’s body is different, it’s impossible for me to prescribe you a fool-proof diet practically.  At Mahima Center, we pride in helping families get on the right track to a healthy and holistic lifestyle. For more questions about detoxing or cleansing, feel free to give us a call.

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These Natural Supplements Can Boost Your Sex Drive Right Before Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that can only mean three things: you’re preparing yourself for a long day of spending money, you’re desperately trying to remember all of the things she made “hints” about last month, and you’re trying to end the night with a happy ending. In pleasure, no matter what you may think, Valentine’s Day is about pleasing her, and it’s safe to say that  Natural Male Enhancement is on your mind. You want this day to be perfect and the night to be even better. Here’s how  Natural Male Enhancement pills can help.

What is a Male Enhancement Pill?

A male enhancement pill is exactly what you think it is. They are designed to improve your sexual health. This includes maintaining an erection, delayed ejaculation, increased sexual pleasure, and libido. If you’re like most men, this is actually what you need, especially for Valentine’s day. While male enhancement is most common in a pill form, various other types of enhancement include pumps, creams, surgery. Here at Mahima Center for Wellness, we pride in taking the natural route of things and our Natural Male Enhancement pills can help.

According to research, medicated sex is strongly related to age. Male enhancement is usually tied to older men who don’t have it anymore, but there is researched linked to men aged 16-34. 9.2% reported to having medicated sex to improve their stamina in bed and overall please their partner.

The Dangers of Male Enhancement Pills

Taking any over the counter medication with a chemical compound leads to drastic side effects. One of the most common side effects linked to male enhancement pills is headaches. Because of the sudden change in blood flow, your body reacts with a headache. Luckily, headaches are curable but aren’t pleasurable after intercourse. Another common side effect that male enhancement may cause is uncomfortable digestive system symptoms. Indigestion and diarrhea are the most common and can be avoided by drinking enough water before and after taking an enhancement pill. Lastly, one of the most uncommon but still likely side effects is priapism or an erection that lasts longer than four hours. Once intercourse is over, erections aren’t fun anymore. If you experience priapism, it’s best to consult a doctor.

How can Natural Male Enhancement help?

Natural Male Enhancement pills are the alternative and safe option to pleasurable intercourse for Valentine’s Day or just because. Your friends at Mahima Center for Wellness offer an all natural enhancement tool to cure the root of the problem. The Kamasutra Natural Male Enhancement pill is not another herbal male potency pill. There has always been a search for the “magic formula” for men, but taking the natural route is vital in correcting the erectile dysfunction disorder.

The  Kamasutra for Men works by aiding the body’s internal weakness while nurturing the emotional and stressful states of the body. It is packed with L-Arginine, the leading natural ingredients for Natural Male Enhancement. L-Arginine is an amino acid found in fish, dairy, and red meat that helps expand blood vessels and increase blood flow naturally, ultimately leading to a more pleasurable intercourse session.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Use this holiday as the perfect way to ditch your feelings of insecurity or the chemical bases substances you use to cure erectile dysfunction. Our Kamasutra for Men works wonders for  Natural Male Enhancement and can make your holiday a special one. For more questions about Kamasutra for Men or to order, feel free to give us a call.

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Your Boo Deserves a Couple’s Massage

If you’ve never had a couple’s massage, what are you waiting for? You’re truly missing out on one of the most relaxing and intimate spa services available. Getting a massage with your significant other should not be something you have to think about.  After all – why would you not want to have your boo experience the same relaxing and mind clearing feeling you get after your massages?

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Get Rid Of That Winter Cold With These Natural Remedies

Uh Oh, Winter Isn’t Over and You’re Already Sick

As the temperatures drop and we begin spending more time indoors with other people, we increase the risks to catch a sickness from them. Colds may spread between individuals through a cough or sneeze. You can get sick even by touching a surface with the cold virus on it.

The best method to combat a cold is not getting sick in the first place. This will involve proper nutrition, adequate sleep, as well as thoroughly washing your hands and the surfaces you touch. Nevertheless, if you already got sick, you’re probably already dealing with a cough, stuffy nose, and headaches that accompany illness.

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This is How Sweating in the Sauna Can Remove Toxins

Effective Detoxification with our Sauna in Kendall

Sweating is one of the most effective methods we can utilize to detoxify the body from numerous different toxic materials. These include PCBs, pesticides, heavy metals, and countless other harmful chemicals. By utilizing our sauna in Kendall, you can additionally improve your overall cardiovascular health.

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Popping Pills Won’t Rid Your Anxiety But This Will

The year just started, and most can admit they are stressed. Going back to work after a long holiday vacation isn’t easy and can easily cause a feeling of worry. What are you going to wear? Did you finish all of your assignments over the break? Do you still tell your co-workers happy new year although its two weeks after? Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders, and most brush it off as over-reacting. If diagnosed, most are quick to resort prescription drugs that contain chemicals that can be harmful to the body. Holistic Medicine for Anxiety is extremely affordable and effective and can help you relieve your worry.

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Your Body Will Thank You After These New Year’s Hangover Cure Tips

If you’re like most, you celebrated on New Year’s Eve. Most parties included gaudy beaded necklaces, hats that feature “2019” and tons of booze. You probably drank too much before the new year’s toast, and after waking up the next morning, you’re regretting it. New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular drinking holidays of the year, so preparing yourself for the aftermath is vital including a Natural Hangover Remedy.


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How Reflexology Massages Benefit Those Who Work On Their Feet

Most of us work for a living. Some of us have the luxury of sitting in an office being surrounded by great people, and others are required to stand on their feet all day in positions like retail. Retail jobs can take a toll on your entire body, not just your feet. Standing all day wearing the wrong shoes can cause foot pain, but also pain in the back and shoulders if you’re constantly moving. Being in pain is not ideal, and Reflexology is suggested.

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These Holistic Medicines can Help With Seasonal Depression

Winter is right around the corner, and it only means one of these three things: slightly colder weather in Miami, a reason to cuddle up with your loved ones, and winter blues that come with the season. These “winter blues” are much more than just a mood. How you are feeling can directly relate to depression that switches on and off with the season. Although the diagnosis of depression can be thrown around a lot during the holidays, Seasonal Affective Depression is a real thing and should be treated seriously.

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Post-Thanksgiving Detox: How to undo everything you just ate

We’re sure your Thanksgiving celebration was amazing. You probably started at your family’s house and ate your mom’s smoked pork and chased down a few beers with your uncle before heading over to three more friend’s houses that offered “Friendsgiving.” You even took the time to make a few to-go plates to last you through the week at work, but in all honesty, you overate, ruining all the hard work you put in last month at the gym.

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