Knowing Your Future is in the Palm of Your Hand

Wouldn’t it be great to know the future? Most would want to know if they are going to get married, how many kids they will have, or if they would be rich. Having the future at the palm of your hand is much more obtainable than you think. Through palm reading, while using a palmistry chart, your friends at Mahima Wellness center are able to easily tap into your future and tell you what your heart desires.

What is palm reading?

Palm reading is the act of fortune-telling and foretelling the future through the study of the palm. Through the palm, you’re able to read and articulate the person’s future while reading the lines on the palm. The practice is done all over the world and heavily influenced by several different cultures.

What can a palm reading tell me?

The palm has several lines, but the ones most important to a palmistry chart are the heart line head line, life line, and fate line.

The heart line is the line at the top that runs across your palm from under your pinky to towards your thumb. During a palm reading, this line will tell you what you want to know about your relationships. It discloses how you are attracted to people and how you get them to be attracted to you. It also sheds light on your emotional state of mind.

The headline runs under the heart line and displays information about your and intelligence. It sheds light on how you communicate and how to best harness the power of your brain. Your head line also shows how you articulate in difficult situations and is a true resemblance of your character. 

Your life line is a stand out line that runs down your hand usually from above your thumb and runs down to your wrist. This line tells you what you want to know about your life span, vitality, health and energy.

Your fate line may be hard to find or not visible as some don’t have one. Just because the line isn’t present doesn’t mean you have no fate, but this line can provide insight on your general life path.

What happens during a palm reading?

During your palm reading, a team member will start with examining and feeling your dominate or most active hand. The chirologist will then flip your hand over and start to examine your palm by squeezing and feeling your energy. Your flexibility will also be tested. After, the chirologist will go over the mounts of the hand and tell you what each one means. From there, they will start to discuss with you each line and ask questions regarding your lifestyle to give you a more accurate reading.

Palm reading at Mahima Wellness Center

Palm reading at Mahima Wellness Center is simple. With an experienced chirologist, you’re able to dive deep into your future. Once an appointment is made, a member of our team will guide you through the palm reading with insight on your future. For more information about palm reading, feel free to give us a call.

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