Our lives are centered among the energies from both the planets and the stars. The vast expansion above us where the planets and stars lie is known as the ‘zodiac’. The zodiac is split into 12 separate parts, each part known as a ‘sign’ or ‘rasi’. The twelve rasis compose the zodiac wheel.

As we are perpetually amongst the planets and the stars, their energies are absorbed into our body in perpetuity as well. The energies that stem from the zodiac influence our entire body. More specifically, zodiac energy corresponds and affects particular parts of the body. The head is more prone to receiving the energy of Aries, where the neck is influenced by Taurus. Our hands receive energy from Gemini, chest by Cancer, Heart by Leo, stomach from Virgo, buttocks from Libra, genitals from Scorpio, thighs by Sagittarius, knees by Capricorn, calves by Aquarius, and finally our feet are influenced by Pisces.

Our entire body is covered with skin. As these planetary energies enter our body through the skin, they leave behind markings and lines on the skin. The lines that appear on our forehead, inside of the palms, and under the feet all form through the absorption of this energy. When positive energy enters the body, we feel at peace and have an overall feeling of health. To the contrary, when we absorb negative energy we can feel disturbed and become more susceptible to a variety of issues. Understanding astrological energies regardless of good or bad by observing marks and lines on the body is known as ‘Anga Vidya’ or the ‘Science of Limbs’.

The skin is particularly sensitive at our lips, inside of our palms, and also on the feet. Energy flows in and out of pointed surfaces like our fingers and toes. This means that there is more energy flow through these areas. The marks and lines on the palms and feet can give clear information about the energies that are coming in or out of the body. It can even be possible to predict the future of an individual by observing these marks and lines. Studying these marks on the palms for this purpose is known as ‘Hasta Samudrika’ or Palmistry.

Correlation between Astrology and Palmistry

Astrology corresponds a planetary position in the zodiac at the time of an individual’s birth. Based on the planetary positions and energies, we can analyze the good or bad energies of a planet by their positions and characteristics. This drawing of the planetary positions is commonly referred to as a horoscope. In Palmistry, good and bad energies can be estimated by analyzing the lines and marks of the palms. This can be considered as reading the horoscope of the palms. Experts of Astrology and Palmistry are known as ‘Astropalmists’. The nomenclature and practice of Astrology reflected through Palmistry is referred to ‘Astropalmistry’.