CBD Pain Relief Gel (4 oz)

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Our CBD gels are great for relieving localized aches and discomforts from injury of overuse. It is a synergistic blend of herbs and CBD to provide quick and effective relief. Its cooling nature also refreshes the muscles and at the same time restores proper circulation. The circulatory aspect of Arnica benefits this formula by reducing bruising as well as stiffness; the menthol assists in the reduction of heat and irritative symptoms. Lastly, eucalyptus, world-renowned for its vast remedial properties, is included to further reduce inflammation all the while providing you with a natural aromatic experience.

Our full spectrum pure CBD gels are rich in cannabinoids and other effective ingredients supports the wellbeing of an individual in various aspects:

* Calms the nervous system to relieve physical stressors and discomfort
* Helps relieve body aches and discomfort from overwork or exercise
* Helps sustain longevity and supports the building blocks of overall well being

Suggested Usage:
In order to attain the desired results, it is advisable to be diligent and consistent in taking and maintaining the appropriate dosage.

Store in a cool dry place.


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