Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Feeling Drained From Lymphedema? Come in for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Do you or someone you love struggle with issues with the lymphatic system of the body? Patients who live with lymphedema or have had surgery performed to remove cancerous lymph nodes can suffer from various symptoms. To relieve those symptoms and improve their quality of life, Evolv Wellness offers an incredible Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

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Professional Massage Therapy

Tap into Your Mental and Emotional Levels with the Help of Our Shirodhara Massage!

Professional Massage Therapy

If life has you feeling stressed out and anxious, then time off to yourself is the best way to relax. Overworking your mind and body can have harmful side effects, such as high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, breathing problems, and increases your risk for a stroke or heart attack. At Evolv Wellness, our Professional Massage Therapy treatments will help your mind and body feel relaxed as ever. If you have been looking for a therapy that uses natural ingredients to improve your mood and feelings, look no further than our Shirodhara massage!

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Treatment for Lymphedema

Struggling with Lymphedema? Find out How Our Lymphatic Massage Can Help!

Treatment for Lymphedema

Lymphatic massage or lymph drainage massage is a technique used to help increment lymph flow. Increased lymph flow removes harmful substances from the tissues and increases immune function. Treatment for Lymphedema from Evolv Wellness can be useful in cases of edema, sports injury, or for people experiencing a sluggish immune system or those suffering from a lack of energy.

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Couples Massage in Kendall

Not Sure What to Give Your Partner for Valentines Day? How About a Couples Spa Day?

Couples Massage in Kendall

An individual’s day to day routine can become very stressful and cause quite a bit of tension in the body. With the fast paced lives many of us live nowadays, it is easy to lose sight of what is important and take care of ourselves properly. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect moment to treat yourself and your loved one to a Couples Massage in Kendall.

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Spa Package Deals

Which Signature Package Is Best for You and Your Needs?

Spa Package Deals

Miami Therapy Services

How have you been longing to feel at peace? This is your sign that you need to take a break, stop what you’re doing and spend an entire day just relaxing. At Mahima Center, you will be in a calm and warm environment where you can focus on nothing but the present, we will focus on providing you great Spa Package Deals to help you de-stress. Sometimes stress can give you symptoms that can make you feel perplexed and make you think you have a disease when you really don’t. Stress is caused by situations we cannot control, it builds up anxiety and causes depression. The amazing thing about our Spa Package Deals is that they help you calm down, reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression. Our therapeutic services are for your own good, they are done to benefit you, and make you feel great physically and emotionally. At Mahima Center, we ensure you are put first, you are given the highest quality of service, and you are provided with our relaxing therapeutic services and tips to improve your health.

Our Spa Package Deals include the following Signature packages:

  • Ananda:

    • Promotes healthy blood circulation
    • Relieves fatigue
    • Helps you sleep better
    • Soothes your nerves
    • Oils are used to massage your head, neck, and shoulders.
    • Pressure is applied to certain points to cause a healing effect on your nerves
  • Nirvana:

    • Improves your blood circulation
    • You will be able to sleep much better
    • Promotes stamina
    • Abdominal massage
    • Salt and aromatherapy scrub is used
    • Focuses on your pressure points
  • Samadhi:

    • Supports healthy prana and blood circulation that nourishes the brain
    • Relieves fatigue and promotes a better sleep
    • Enhances complexion of skin
    • Gentle pressure is applied to certain points that helps stimulate the nerve to relax you
  • Moksha:

    • Promotes healthy blood circulation
    • Relieves fatigue and promotes a better sleep
    • Includes sweat therapy to promote detoxification
  • Prana:

    • Includes sweat therapy which provides a healing effect and promotes detoxification, as well as rejuvenation.
    • Relaxes your muscles

Pick one or more of our Spa Package Deals today! Get the benefits you need to boost your immune system, improve your health, get rid of toxins, relieve fatigue, help you sleep better, and much more! You can trust our professionals to provide you with the best therapeutic services to help you feel amazing.
Choose our Spa Package Deals to help you relax from all the stressful situations you go through everyday, take a break, visit Mahima Center! Call today at (305) 596-0858 or click here to make an appointment.

Spa Package Deals

Have a Birthday Coming Up? Why a Massage Is the Best Gift to Give!

Florida Spa Treatments

Day Spa Miami

Feel Great on Your Birthday!

What’s more important than your health, right? You spend your whole life subconsciously avoiding things that are not good for you and because you were able to take care of yourself you turned another year, congratulations! Maybe you’re living a life full of stressful situations and turning another year is not a big deal to you. But it should be! There are many people who don’t have the luck you do to see the beauty of this world. Focus on yourself and your amazing life experiences, make sure you are always happy. Your health is very important, you have to keep in mind that being physically healthy will make you healthy emotionally! At Day Spa Miami, you are able to choose from our number of therapeutic services that will heal you from all the toxins roaming around your body. Our professional massages will make you feel rejuvenated after turning another year, you will gain the energy you’ve craving for. You have toxins in your body due to unhealthy, poor quality food you’ve consumed in your past, the chemicals from the air you breathe, unfiltered water drinking, etc.

A single massage eliminates more toxins than you could ever think of, it provides a detoxification that will make you feel ready to party for your birthday! At Mahima Center, our professionals will focus on providing you with a massage as an effective treatment to relieve your muscle tension, stress, anxiety, and much more! Don’t miss out on an awesome opportunity to spend the most important day of the year feeling energized, stress-free, anxiety-free, and free of headaches. If you are up to it, you can even spend a relaxing birthday at Day Spa Miami, receiving our most professional therapeutic services to not only make you feel emotionally and physically better, but like royalty on your special day! Do you have a friend who is craving for that energy and to getaway from all stress through a single massage? Don’t wait any longer! Tell them to call Mahima Center today, (305) 596-0858. Get yourself or your friend a great birthday gift at Day Spa Miami! Decrease the stiffness and muscle pain that is preventing you from doing activities you’ve been missing out on. Be able to sleep the night before your birthday through a relaxing massage that promotes healthy sleep which leads to greater amount of energy for the next day!

How would you like to spend your birthday receiving a relaxing massage at Day Spa Miami that provides tons of health benefits? Call Mahima Center at (305) 596-0858 or click here to make an appointment.

Spa Body Treatments

What Are the Benefits of an Abdominal Massage?

Spa Body Treatments

Benefits of Abdominal Massages

Have you been suffering with digestive problems lately? Do you want to know a quick way to resolve that issue? Book an appointment to get a abdominal massage from Spa Body Treatments today at the Mahima Center! These abdominal massages are able to provide detoxification, improve your digestive system, eliminate your constipation, helps correct irregular menstruation, and much more! Don’t let your digestive problems get in the way of performing your daily functions. Be able to live this life free of these health problems that are holding you back. Not only does this therapeutic services allows aid digestion and many other great stuff, but it also relaxes you tremendously.

Everyone gets stressed due to uncontrollable situations, everyone has gotten anxious before, everyone needs to find a way to relax once in a while, if not all the time! Wouldn’t it be great to spend your day off relaxing rather than worrying about your to-do list, or the things you need to get done at your job the next day or next week? That’s right, take that well-deserved day off to eliminate all the toxic chemicals that are slowing you down, gain that energy back to check off all your responsibilities. If you’re suffering from constant stress or anxiety, then Spa Body Treatments will help you overcome it! Looking for something to make you happy and relaxed? Then get an abdominal massages that brings a bag full of benefits!

These are following Spa Body Treatments benefits:

  • Stimulates the removal of toxins
  • Reduces stomach pain
  • Gets rid of emotional tension
  • Eliminates muscle tension around the colon
  • Relieves constipation
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves organ function because of better blood circulation
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles

Take advantage of these awesome benefits that an abdominal massage brings you! It’s completely safe, it’s a relaxing massage, you won’t experience pain at all. You would probably want to fall asleep of how calm it gets you.

An abdominal massage is one of many Spa Body Treatments that provides great benefits for your body so that you feel physically and emotionally better.

Call the Mahima Center Today at (305) 596-0858 or Click Here for our Location

Natural Spa Treatments

Is Your Sleep Causing You Pain? How Can a Massage Turn It Around?

Natural Spa Treatments Miami

Sleeping Problems

How many times do you wake up during the night? Are you sleep deprived? If you’re not spending enough time in deep sleep, then you will begin feeling more and more fatigue. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to last forever, we will provide you with the opportunity to peacefully sleep once again. One of the possible reasons your not sleeping well could be due to your unbearable physical pain, anxiety, stress, tension, etc. It is important that you are feeling in peace before you fall asleep and while you’re asleep, if not you will begin suffering from physical and mental problems due to lack of sleep.

With Natural Spa Treatments, you’ll be able to go to sleep like a baby again! Prevent your anxiety through a relaxing massage, acupuncture, acupressure, or other great therapeutic services from the Mahima Center that will help you feel calm and relaxed.

These services not only helps you sleep better at night, but they boost your energy levels, reduce your anxiety and stress, improve your blood circulation, better your health, and much more! If it seems too good to be true, then visit the Mahima Center, see it and try it for yourself. At our center, you will come out with all your needs being satisfied, you will feel physically and mentally great! Don’t let the pain stop you from getting your beauty sleep, get a massage and you will get your sleep! You will experience feelings of joy and peace after your massage since you are getting rid of all the toxins damaging your body. Get your massage and try these tips to get your beauty sleep!

  • Avoid eating 3 hours before sleeping
  • Avoid exercising 3 hours before sleeping
  • Reduce your coffee drinking
  • Take 10 – 20 minute naps
  • Go to bed at the same time every night
  • Wake up at the same time every day
  • Turn off your computer, TV, or cellphone before going to sleep
  • Sleep with all the lights off
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed
  • Quit smoking
  • Exercise regularly (For at least 30 minutes)
  • Try to relax by meditating
  • Breathe deeply

Most of the time, all people need is a relaxing massage to help them get rid of their stress and anxiety. Remember, there are a lot of people who are on the same boat as you, so don’t panic. Everyone at some point in their life has experienced some type of sleeping problems, you just have to make sure you are relaxed and not stressed before going to sleep, it will soon be okay! Natural Spa Treatments help you relax, get rid of your stress and anxiety, improve your blood circulation and much more! Get your much needed sleep through our therapeutic services

Call Today at (305) 596-0858 or Click Here for our Location to receive Natural Spa Treatments, and help Eliminate late night thoughts that keep you up all night.

Neck Pain Relief

What Is Causing the Kink in Your Neck? Find out How We Can Offer Neck Pain Relief!

Neck Pain Relief

Treatment for Neck Pain

Causes of Kink in Neck

Do you suffer from neck pain? Unfortunately, stress takes a toll on all of our lives. This causes muscles to become tense. People who are stressed have a tendency to shrug their neck and shoulders unconsciously, leading to neck muscle tension. The next day these people often wake up with a pain of a kink in their neck area, and experience pains when the head is turned to the right or left side. However, the main cause isn’t stress. There are a variety of other reasons why a person could suffer from a kink in their neck such as arthritis problems, spasms, poor sleeping position, etc.

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Anxiety Treatment Miami

What Is Anxiety and Depression and How Can You Treat Them with Our Spa Services!

Anxiety Treatment Miami

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Eliminating Anxiety

Have you ever felt a feeling of nervousness and worry for absolutely no reason? Do you get nervous easily? Does your anxiety interfere with daily functions? There is a way to prevent anxiety from slowly taking over your life, and you don’t have to take any kinds of pills! You can get the Anxiety Treatment in Miami by attending our spa services at the Mahima Center which not only will help you reduce your anxiety but relieve your stress, tension, and relax you at the same time!

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