Kendall Sauna Treatment

Differences & Benefits of Infrared Sauna and Sweat Therapy

Kendall Sauna Treatment

Heat Exposure Meditation

Infrared Sauna vs Sweat Therapy

Have you been feeling stressed, getting sick too often, or feeling depressed/anxious? Do you want to feel rejuvenated, content, and relaxed?
Well, I guarantee you that depending on your situation that the infrared sauna or then sweat therapy is just what you need. 

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Massage Therapy in Kendall

What Are the Benefits of a Massage for Athletes?

Massage Therapy in Kendall

Athlete Massage Therapy

Athletes are one of the most physically hard working people in the world. Constantly having to train their bodies for endurance and strength, they are known to have a few muscle and body issues injuries that may affect the performance in their sports.

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Sauna Treatment in Miami

What Are the Effects of a Sauna?

Sauna Treatment in Miami Sweat Therapy

Effects of Sauna Treatment

Our sauna treatment in Miami is an ancient method to detoxify and heal the mind, body, and spirit. The body’s design helps it to detoxify on its own over time. However, in modern times, we expose our bodies to more toxic influencers than ever before. 

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Weight Loss in Miami

Ayurvedic Forms of Losing Weight. Check Them Out!

Weight Loss in Miami

Natural Weight Loss

Aiming for Natural Weight Loss

Fast Natural Weight Loss in Miami is hard to achieve unless you have the right tools. The following are ways in which you can achieve a Fast Natural Weight Loss:

  1. Distinguish between long-term and short-term weight loss.
    • Short-term weight loss may just take days and is often due to water loss rather than fat. This weight loss can be accomplished through fasting or very low-calorie diets. However, weight may return quickly, once a normal diet is resumed.
    • Long-term weight loss involves a combination of a low-calorie diet and daily exercise plan. Weight loss goals typically take longer to meet, but since fat is decreased, the weight does not tend to return as quickly.
  2. Learn how the metabolism works and how to make it burn calories more efficiently.
    • The metabolism is the process within your body that coverts food into energy. Although your metabolic rate is partly determined by genetics and body chemistry, you can make it work more efficiently through diet and exercise.
  3. Combine aerobic exercise, interval training and strength training to speed up weight loss.
    • Aerobic exercise is primarily used to raise heart rate and burn calories. Types of aerobic exercise include running, walking, swimming and biking.
    • Interval training, which involves a mix of high-intensity and moderate workout levels, is particularly effective in boosting the metabolic rate. This type of exercise requires you to consume more oxygen during your workout, which prompts the metabolism to work at peak efficiency-even after the workout is over.
    • Strength training helps boost the metabolism because when muscles contract, they burn much more energy than when they are at rest. Increased muscle mass also increases metabolic rate overall, since muscle uses more oxygen and burns more energy than fat, even when muscles are at rest.
  4. Alternate workouts regularly. Your body adapts to your fitness routine, whether you run at the same pace or lift the same amount of weight each session, and this makes your workouts less effective over time. New exercise routines continue to challenge different muscles, ensuring the metabolic rate remains high throughout your weight loss efforts.
  5. Make dietary changes that boost metabolism and accelerate weight loss.
    • Fruits and vegetables, which are high in fiber and water content, make you feel full longer with minimal caloric intake. These foods are also rich in nutrients that are needed for a well-balanced, healthy diet.
    • Green tea is considered one of the most effective thermogenic ingredients for boosting the metabolism safely and naturally. In addition to drinking tea, add dried tea leaves to salads, sandwiches and marinades to help increase your intake.
    • Lean protein at every meal also helps you feel full longer, causing you to consume fewer calories throughout the day. Good sources of lean protein include skim milk, low-fat cheese, eggs, chicken and turkey.
  6. Use water to increase metabolism and achieve weight loss fast.
    • Drinking 8 glasses of water each day will keep your stomach feeling full and provide the energy you need for your daily workouts. Colder water makes your body burn calories slightly faster than water at a tepid temperature.
  7. Visit saunas and steam rooms. They help you burn calories more efficiently since your sweat glands require energy to produce sweat.
  8. Products that can also help that are made for fast natural weight loss are available at the Mahima Center.

Products that can also help that are made for fast natural weight loss at the Mahima Center are the Veda Slim Protein Shake, Slim Pill, and Veda Slim ES.

If you want to know more about these products Call Today at (305) 596-0858 or Click Here for our Location

Luxury Spa in Kendall

Why YOU Deserve a Spa Day at the Evolv Wellness!

Luxury Spa in Kendall

Best Massage Center in Miami

You Deserve a Spa Day

If you or someone you know is going through difficult times, is living a stressful life, or has a lot on their plate, a day at the Luxury Spa in Kendall is just what they need. A day at our spa will not only help to relax them but will have long term results, such as health benefits, and peace in the mind, body, and soul.

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Miami Wellness Spa

What Are the Health Benefits of Massages?

Miami Wellness Spa

Miami Massage Center

Massages, over the years, have increased in popularity with all genders and age groups. Known for their lethargic benefits, people have come in after a long day at work, or after a stressful weekend, to enjoy one of our massages at the Miami Wellness Spa at the Mahima Center. Those customers end up leaving relaxed, humble, and calm. But, they also leave with an improvement in their health. Yes, massages offer many health benefits that are beneficial for you and your body.

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Acupuncture for Weight Loss in Kendall

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture for Weight Loss in Kendall

Kendall Spa

Acupuncture Treatment

When it comes to our massages and acupuncture treatments at the Mahima Center, we try to offer a wide variety for our customers that will not only make them feel relaxed and pampered but ones that will enhance other focuses they may have. Some focuses are detox, relaxation, and weight loss. Weight loss is something so many people want to accomplish, and for that reason, we now offer Acupuncture for Weight Loss in Kendall.

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Best Spa in Miami

How to Choose the Best Massage for Your Needs!

Best Spa in Miami

Massage Spa in Kendall

Heal Emotional and Physical Pain

A massage is a great way to relieve yourself of many things such as stress or body aches, or just to relax and have a leisurely hour. But, if you are going through a physical or emotional pain, it’s important to remember that the Best Spa in Miami, Mahima Center, offers many different types of massages and services for different types of pains, that can help soothe or alleviate you of your troubles.

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Kendall Wellness Spa

What Services Are Offered at Our Spa?

Kendall Wellness Spa

Ayurvedic Massages in Kendall

Our Healing Therapeutic Services

One of the things that makes the Kendall Wellness Spa at the Mahima Center so unique is its wide variety of pampering services that they offer. Most spas nowadays don’t offer many different types of services that pamper you so creatively and effectively.

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Acupuncture in Miami,Kendall

Difference Between Massage and Acupuncture. Which Is Best for Your Needs?

Acupuncture in Miami

Best Massage Therapy Kendall

Massage vs Acupuncture

When we are in a state of high stress, a relaxing activity such as a day at the spa can help soothe and relax your stress. It doesn’t matter what’s causing your stress, we can help you with our treatments. When people come into the Mahima Wellness Center, we take many things into consideration, and ask a few questions.

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